About us

Roma-Puf was born (in early 2000s) keeping in mind to provide the industry with the best it can offer.

Roma Puf

Born (in the early 2000s) Roma Puf started its journey to provide the industry with the best it can offer and has lately been treated as a test bench for the company to fulfill its dream project of providing the material that has the outstanding performance to cost ratio. After intense scrutiny & research of 5 years with experimentation spanning over the core foam technology to the highest suited thread for the job, Roma Puf has come up with a lineup of bedding products keeping the best for the customers in mind and delivering them the happiest hours as there may. Roma Puf is a zero compromise brand bringing a new generation of products with Strong testing and proper quality control, checked at multiple levels for the bestest of experience and no less.

The Company

Madhav was started in the year 2011 with the directors having experience in the industry of more than 2 decades. The company runs on the ideology of taking time to provide the best-suited material at the highest quality and extremely strong service platform. Quality checks and optimization guards are set up at various stages of each process and product that the company has to offer to provide the customer with value for their money. The company stands on the pillar platform of honesty, commitment fulfillment, continuous learning and improvement of the technology on the basis of latest technology/trends and consumer behavior and need, and only delivering the highest of our beliefs.

Today Madhav has three companies with three individual production houses spanning over 4,50,000 sq. ft. (11 acres) with each vertical having its own specialized team and work area to optimize work and quality – despite of being separately working they are co-related to work as per the per set standards. The company also believes in sustainability and the betterment of society, in support of which it has already begun producing recycled foam as a waste management technique for sustainable development. The company has also invested in Solar energy by establishing its first solar plant of nearing 100 KW as a trial and expects to expand it soon to 250 KW to be electrically neutral.

The Company has always kept the growth of the society at top priority as being established in a remote area provides a lot of opportunities of growth, development and employment. Currently, Madhav is employing 150 employees out of which 90% are local, whereas the rest have been provided housing in labor colonies that can hold up to 100 employees. With a dedicated and highly qualified or expert team of workmen, supervisors, and design teams, the company ensures the best quality and cutting-edge technology. The company believes in investing in the product that the customer desires more than what the company wants to deliver.