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Best mattress for sleeping in India 2024

Best mattress for sleeping in India 2024

Best mattress for sleeping in India 2024

Are you tired of hearing squeaking sounds from your old mattress? or are you having itchy skin? Do you think your mattress might be the reason for these new problems in your life? You are right because, in the long run, mattresses become warm and moist which causes allergies and makes disturbing sounds. Now, it is indispensable to replace your mattress with a new one. 


So, what type of mattress are you going to buy now? What type of materials, firmness, and thickness do you seek in a mattress? Don’t worry this blog is there for you. In this blog, read about the types of mattress and their benefits that’ll give you a clear idea.


Which Is The Best Mattress For Sleeping

A mattress can be called as best if it is comfy, relieves body pain, durable, and breathable. Below are the 4 most popular and expert-preferred mattresses.


1. Memory Foam Mattress

In the mid-1960s NASA developed memory foam for astronauts going for space exploration. What sets it apart from other mattresses is its unique ability to contour to any sleeping position and body weight. Today, it is a popular material common to manufacture mattresses with superior comfort. Moreover, it delivers great pressure relief and body support, making it ideal for daily use. 


Memory foam mattresses are noise-free and cancel motion transfer, making them a complete package for married people and couples. Thus, individuals who desire a soft feel should go for mattresses entirely made from the best memory foam or have an in-built layer.


2. Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is an amalgamation of two or more different types of mattresses. It is commonly made by combining either memory foam, latex, and gel with a spring coil mattress. Typically, these mattresses come with infused liquid gel that creates a heat-diffusing environment. Some noticeable features of this mattress are promoting breathability and support to any sleeping position (prominently for stomach sleepers). Nobody buys a mattress every year unless they have a hospitality business. Thus, it is a great one-time investment as it is overly durable. Yet, hybrid mattresses can be more expensive in comparison to other mattresses.


3. Orthopedic Mattress

Do you experience aches and pains during sleeping and even in the morning, Orthopedic mattresses have the ability to decline and then stop it. This best mattress for sleeping in india is mainly designed to provide even support to the back and joints. Moreover, it prevents the build-up of pain in pressure points. There are different types of best orthopedic mattresses in the market and they have different layers of materials. Some unique attributes of this mattress are it spreads the body weight evenly and promotes a healthy posture.


4. Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are developed by piling up different layers of latex foam. There are three types of latex foams such as synthetic, blended, and natural. It is a low-maintenance mattress as it is super hypoallergenic or anti-microbial. They are often referred to as highly responsive mattresses. This mattress is breathable because it delivers constant airflow. Also, If you buy a natural latex mattress then you’re promoting eco-friendliness.


Buy Roma Puf Mattresses For A Deeper Sleep

Roma Puf has the best mattress for sleeping in India, known as a major player in the realm of bed mattresses and sleep accessories. Refusing to go by the conventional way, they have mastery in the art of manufacturing innovative yet comfy mattresses that serve different purposes. Whether it is pressure point relief, breathability, durability, or hypoallergenic ability you are looking for they have it all. So, with no more talks let’s read about “what makes Roma Puf mattresses so eye-catching”.


1. Eternal Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

It is the best orthopedic mattress in Roma puf. It has 7 layers of comfort that ensure perfect pressure point relief, decrease in pain, and correct spinal alignment overnight. Moreover, the mattress has layers of best-in-class materials and foams, such as GSM breathable fabric, memory foam, bounce 0 tech foam, and spine support hard foam core.


2. Pappy Flip Dual Comfort Mattress

Do you need a mattress that gives you both hard and soft comfort? Look no further than our pappy mattress. It is a dual comfort mattress that has one soft side and the other hard side. It is crafted with high GSM breathable fabric, high resilience bounce 0 tech foam, and high-density spine support hard foam core. This mattress is roma puf’s commitment to consistent spine support and excellent breathability at all times. 


3. Levata Pillowtop Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

One of the best luxury mattresses for a restful sleep in India, the Levata pillowtop luxury memory foam mattress is budget-friendly. This mattress is a seamless blend of ortho tech with world-class foams such as memory foam, and super soft sink foam. Moreover, high resilience bounce 0 tech foam and medium soft transition substrate, high-density spine support hard foam core, and anti-skid bottom fabric.

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