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Learn About Best Dual Comfort Mattress in India 2024

Learn About Best Dual Comfort Mattress in India 2024

Learn About Best Dual Comfort Mattress in India 2024

Looking for a dual mattress in India – For couples, it is an excellent choice because of the double comfort, so it can fit the needs of both sides. Roma Puf’s best recommendation is to buy the Pappy Flip Dual Comfort Mattress. In this feature blog, you’ll be reading about the materials and features of this new-age mattress.


Best Dual Comfort Mattress In India

Roma Puf’s unbeaten manufacturing and perfect materials usage make it an innovative dual comfort mattress. Read about the layers of high-quality foams and fabrics.


1. High GSM Breathable Fabric

The mattress has a thick layer of High GSM Breathable Fabric. GSM stands for grams per square, the higher GSM in a mattress makes it harder and thicker. Therefore, our breathable fabric ensures perfect airflow through the mattress. 


Why You should always look for breathable fabric in a mattress, during sleep, our core body temperature falls. As an effect, our skin temperature rises eventually making us feel hot. In this situation, a breathable fabric promotes much-needed airflow and absorbs moisture to reduce the chances of sour odours.


2. High Resilience Bounce 0 Tech Foam

The pappy mattress has amazing responsiveness and is buoyant because of its HR Foam infused with bounce 0 tech. Unlike memory foam HR Foam doesn’t let your body and head sink, instead, it adds the ability to bounce back in the mattress.


3. High-Density Spine Support Hard Foam Core

High-density foam is well-liked because it offers great pressure relief and lets your mind enter deep sleep and REM comfortably. The pappy mattress has a hard foam core that supports and promotes proper spine alignment through the night.


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4. Breathable Chain Cover

This dual comfort mattress comes with a breathable chain cover that alleviates its capability to maintain proper breathability and temperature regulation. Moreover, the chain cover serves as a protective layer for the mattress, preventing it from being exposed to stains.


Key Attributes of Pappy Flip Dual Comfort Mattress

Pappy dual comfort mattresses come with exceptional features that not only provide a good night’s sleep but offer a value for money investment and durability.


1. Reversible Mattress

It is the best flip mattress India, designed especially to provide dual comfort. It is the best option for partners, who have different tastes in level of firmness.


2. Point-to-point Stress Relief

This pappy mattress feature distributes your body weight evenly on the surface. Therefore, lessening the build-up of pressure on all points of the body.


4. Anti-sag Technology

No matter what your body weight is or how much weight you put on the pappy mattress it doesn’t sag. This feature allows the mattress to return to its original form after use. Moreover, it enhances the durability of the mattress.


5. Suits All Sleeping Positions

This best flip mattress suits all sleeping styles (stomach, side, or back sleepers). So, roma puf promises quality sleep each night and rejuvenating morning each day.


6. Breathable Cotton 300TC

TC stands for Thread count which speaks and measures the number of threads per square inch in a fabric. Our pappy mattress has a 300-thread count sewn horizontally and vertically.

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