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Director's Note

As a part of society, I think it is not just on us to ensure quality sleep for today but to give a good night’s sleep to the coming generations. We are part of a world where radical changes are needed to protect our futures, unfortunately which is not possible. At least we should start making changes where we can.

So if you think about it, there are a few ways in which a company like ours can participate in your sleep to better world.

First, we can reduce our consumption of energy resource. This can be achieved in several ways by building infrastructure that can passively reduce energy consumption. We have built high ceilings with ventilated tops so that heat accumulates at the top keeping the lower areas cooler reducing the need for fans and air conditioning while keeping the machines cool to reduce the energy consumption. Also strategically placed windows and cross ventilation have reduced the plant temperatures significantly.

Another resolve of our company is to remove dependency on traditional & unsustainable sources of energy. Currently over 30% of our plant operations utilise solar energy which to be honest, helps us sleep better. Having said that, our team is working towards transitioning to 100% renewable energy for all future energy needs.

Next is to counter the already existing pollution, the best way to do which is plant trees. At our plant itself, we have planted over two hundred trees already and plan to add 100s more for subsequent years.

Last is to reduce waste from consumer products and extract the most out of trash. Roma Puf has its own vegetable land where organic vegetables are grown for the family of workers, craftsmen and staff that uses in-house made manure with waste collected from the factory itself.

With the future we are planning to shift all our packaging to eco-friendly substitutes with recycled paper and biodegradable plastic bags. We have already launched a few products in eco-friendly paper packaging and experiments for the next batch of products is already under way. 

It is not your job same as my job to look after everyone’s future, but collectively all of us can help in giving back to what we have taken an advantage of for centuries – “Our Mother Earth”!

Aarsh Jain Director
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