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What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?
What do you do when you are super tired but have trouble falling asleep for another hour or hours and you just lie there on your bed staring at the ceiling or may be just not lying there staring at your ceiling but you find yourself drawn to your gadgets which were to be kept away the entire night and Instagram is then opened and there you are scrolling up through many reels still tired but still gramming it away.
Then there is just you, your thoughts and the entire night to yourself.

When the entire day you wait to go back to your home, to your bed but just can’t sleep?
What a helpless situation to be in, right?
The reasons could be plenty and sometimes it’s difficult to pin on one, it’s just how life really is right now.
Such hustle, a fast life where everything is too stressful and everybody is just running, racing to achieve something but really clueless in many ways.

It is crucial for both your physical as well as mental health and when you leave the chaos of the day behind, the stress at work, personal relationships to just go back to bed and relax, when you wait for the entire day to go by but then your sleep cycle is too disturbed for you to be able to sleep peacefully.
So what do you do in such scenarios?

Can’t leave work because that gets you money, can’t shift to the mountains to lead a slow life because constant financial aid is needed to go on, can’t brush away the responsibilities, can’t fight or struggle with your loved ones on a daily basis.
So what do you do?

You look for the ways that can help you get better sleep.
You start with your bed and bedding accessories first, you start with looking for the causes that your mattress might be causing you to be sleep deprived, yes you read it correctly sleep deprived and that’s not a fun situation at all in any given circumstances.
You start with your rigorous research on the kind of mattresses, best mattress brand, best affordable mattress, pillows for sleeping and the list goes on and on until you find that one mattress that suits your requirements.

When the mattress is finally chosen and the other bedding accessories then you go and dwell upon the serious situations such as stress, consumption of the digital media, issues within and the outer world but that’s something you can’t change, that’s constant.
Pressure at work is still going to be there, arguments with your colleagues, your friends, family will happen and not once but surely more than that..

Here you check on yourself, you give yourself time, you try to understand that your mental health is as important as your physical health that all of this can’t and shouldn’t affect your peace and calm, you exercise, eat your greens, meditate you do what makes you happy and by the time the night approaches you find yourself sleepy but this time around you really fall asleep, sleep like a baby, like you haven’t in the longest time.

What really changed?
You found the causes that affected your sleep cycle and worked on it. And the next time you find yourself staying up like an owl and your hands reaching out to your phone tell yourself that instagram and snapchat can wait till the morning but that sweet sleep can’t and the next morning you will be happy, fresh and a little proud of yourself.

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