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The relationship between lack of sleep and anger

The relationship between lack of sleep and anger

According to a world fact 101, sleep is as essential to the human body as exercise and a proper diet. On average, an adult needs to sleep approximately seven to nine hours daily, though some people can function even without this duration’s rest. But have you ever been in one of those sleepy-angry-leave me alone moods? URGHHH! Yes, that is what can have severely adverse effects on inter and intrapersonal relationships. 

Why is sleep so important?

The body is exactly like a 24X7 working machine. With countless bodily processes, thoughts, and emotions daily, we get tired mentally and physically. Sleep-time is a reboot/recharge time when our body rejuvenates to wake up fresh and zesty. 

Effects of lack of sleep 

Lack of sleep can lead to irritation, frustration, and intense feelings of anxiety and restlessness. It can also lower your capacity to reason and experience happiness. Additionally, the physical outcomes can be drastic weight loss, dark circles, loss of appetite, bloating, etc. 

When does anger crop in?

Frustration due to lack of sleep can quickly turn into anger. It can reflect in daily life situations such as your partner trying to talk to you, your boss handing you some work, or even completing household chores. People often overlook the increased time investment to complete these tasks due to a lack of effective functioning from the sleep-deprived brain. 

How can you fight anger due to lack of sleep?

The primary thing is to identify the cause of your anger. Understand that sleep is essential and what you can do to ensure a sound nap. High quality, soft mattresses and bed linens can be a significant boost to your sleep cycle. Sleep to Success is the stepping stone towards a healthy lifestyle, enhanced physical appearance, and loving relationships. 

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